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The creator of Bokuaka fanfic “In Another Life” (you can read it on Ao3)
Person 1: “Who’s LittleLuxray?”

Person 2: “An author of a fanfic that broke me”
by ._weebkoreaboo_. November 9, 2020
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Hotarubi No Mori E is a 45 minute anime about a forest with spirts. A young girl named Hotaru gets lost in the forest and creates a friend ship with Gin, a cute boy that will die if you touch his skin. Also you will get hurt if you watch this.
"Have you seen Hotarubi no mori e yet??"

"Yea, have you seen it yet?"

"Yea, I just wanna kill that little boy at showed up at the end!"
by ._weebkoreaboo_. November 7, 2020
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It stands for “Yarichin Bitch Club” It is a very short anime with 2 episodes. But it is very good. It’s about a boy going to an all boys school, and when he find out that he has to be in a club he chooses the wrong club to be in.
Person 1: “have you seen YBC yet?”

Person 2: “yea, I wish it was longer though.”

Person 1: “Just read the manga
by ._weebkoreaboo_. November 9, 2020
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One of the saddest In Another Life references. (Say this to your friend who likes Bokuaka and they’ll start crying)
“I found you.”

A trembling, tender laugh escaped Akaashi.

“You found me.”

Person 1: “I found you” “You found me”

Person 2: “I will fucking break your ankles” (yes it’s a killing stalking reference)
by ._weebkoreaboo_. November 9, 2020
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A reference from a fanfic called In Another Life by LittleLuxray.
Person 1: "You are beautiful"
Person 2: "That's an In Another Life reference isn't it"
Person 1: "Please don't hurt me"
by ._weebkoreaboo_. November 9, 2020
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Person 1: "Do you want a Strawberry Pocky?"
Person 2: "Wtf did i just say about In Another Life references"
by ._weebkoreaboo_. November 9, 2020
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