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A person who supplies, smokes, makes, sells, eats, mixes, blazes, and provides weed to minors, teenagers, and adults with no friends. He is the man with the blunt connections. He dabbles in cheeba, bomb ass dank, and ontario red. Alll in all, hes the king of grass,nuff' said.
Alex is the weed man, last night he pulled up in a red oldsmobile convertible and sold three-hundred pounds of marijuana to jena. and laura.
by -taters- July 31, 2006

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To get your man handle rubbed on by a lady.
Dude, grant is going to whip out his dude meat and get his beef stroked by rachel tonight.
by -taters- June 20, 2006

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the male sex organ. penis.
Grant whipped out his shwonz and plowed rachels cooter till 6 in the morning.
by -taters- July 30, 2006

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Someone who when they are with a group of their friends they sneak down into the basement and play Call of Duty 2 for Xbox 360, by themselves. Sometimes this person can eb called a pooner because they share the same qualities as a pooner would have.
Alex is such a gamer, last night at the party i couldn't find him for like an hour and it turned out he was alone, with the lights off, playing Call of Duty 2.
by -taters- July 30, 2006

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