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The Kamehameha was created by Master Roshi . He claims that it took him a total of fifty years to develop and master the move. Goku picked up the move from Master Roshi as a child. The other strange fact is that Goku learned it in under a minute whereas Master Roshi took him 100 years.


1.) Get ready. Put yourself into a steady position. Begin gathering the energy your body produces and channel it into your hands.

2.) Stretch your arms forward, and form a shape with your hands as if you were holding a small ball.

3.) Bring your arms back, only this time, hold the 'ball' position. Bring them down to the side of your waist.

4.) Slowly say "KA-ME-HA-ME" (pronunciation:' Ka-MEH-HAA-MEH'). Say it slowly as you need to charge the wave up. You should see a small, bluish glowing energy ball in your hands.

5.) Then, throwing stretching your arms forward completely, yell out ''HA!'' at the same time. Release all your anger and rage while doing this, just as all Saiyans do. It makes the wave a lot more powerful.

EXTRA: If your Kamehameha doesn't work against your enemy, try transforming into a Super Saiyan! More about that later... ^_^

*NOTE FOR ALL* Please do not try this at home, at work, in school, in front of your kids, or towards a living life form. Your 'enemy' doesn't necessarily need to be a living thing.
First Use in the series:

Master Roshi: "Haieeee!..Ng...ng...ng...ngrah!!"

Yamcha: "I know this move! It's the master's Kamehameha !"
Bulma: "Really, you know it? How does it work?"
Yamcha: "So the master gathers all the energy in his body and shoots it out of his hands in a single energy wave! I've just never seen it in action before..."

Master Roshi: "Ka... Me... Ha... Me..."
Everyone else: "AAH!"
Master Roshi: HAAAA!!
(an entire mountain is destroyed)
Master Roshi: "Hehe. Not too bad for a 300 year-old man, say? Hm?"
(everyone but Goku has fainted)

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"Just to pleeeease myself?"
"ok sure bb."
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