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Is NOT a punk band at all. They are seriuosly a band for 9 year olds ( I should know because for reasons unknow I was obsessed with them WHEN I WAS 9). They're a bunch of whiny preps dressed in black in order to sell their self-pity albums. And they marry people like fuckin Nicole Richie. Big time wanna-bes. One of them even said "I guess if you're gonna dress like you listen to The Cure all the time, you're gonna get s... for it". LOSERS! Don't even dare compare yourselves to the greatness of The Cure. Damn whiny emos....
stupid kid: " OMGAWD!!! I LOVE Good Charlotte. GC 4EVER!"
Me: "I hate you."
by *~Blacksunbeam~* January 11, 2010

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A book written for whiny pre-teens. People with intelligence probably won't enjoy it considering that through the whole flipping series the whole plot line is "Bella, I'm a vampire." and then Bella says something stupid like " I don't care, I love you!" Don't waste your time and money on any of it; you'll thank me later.
"Twilight is a pathetic excuse for literature."
by *~Blacksunbeam~* January 09, 2010

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Are NOT an emo band. They used to have good music, but now their music is kind of watered down :( And Jade had his cool hair before 'emo hair' even existed. Listen to their early albums!
"AFI is not emo, you moron."
by *~Blacksunbeam~* January 09, 2010

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