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A high quality 40+ rated game where you walk around the house trying to find those moaning sounds because your horny as fuck. After finding the moaning sounds which came from the guest bedroom on your 3rd floor, you open the door to find your grandpa and your girlfriend filming a porno and spraying cum everywhere which lands on you blinding you. After you spam e to wipe all the cum of your face and out of your eyes, you go up to your Grandpa who is surprised to see you and spread his asshole 8 inches wide making a little cracking sound and putting your hand up it and pulling organs out killing him in the process. You throw his body and organs out the window then fuck your girlfriend hard till she dies.
Yo dude I was scarred for life after playing Pops asshole, I don't think I will be able to have sex ever again! Although the part where he fucked his girlfriend hard was pretty nice.
When you shove the worlds biggest gobstopper/jawbreaker in between your penis skin.
Person 1: Hey dude, I saw on your snap chat story where you did a Penis stopper challenge!
Person 2: Yeah, when I did it the jawbreaker broke, it felt so painful I had to put ice on it then lick the water out my penis hole.