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katie and ellie have come to use this term in there much varied and interesting everyday vocabulary and it stems from the magazine "Elle Girl".

Now, we have nothing against the magazine persay - infact we read it monthly but what does annoy us is the fact that girls who read this magazine SLASH those who customise their clothes, think that they are the bees knees.

For example, a girl who wears so called "original" clothes with ribbons and slash or broches could generally be described as an ElleGirl. They are normally incredibly up themselves and can be noticed because they wear ponchos with tassles (see ponchomania).

Approach with caution.
-Did you see that girls ex-navy hate she was wearing as a bum warmer last night?!
-*elemayo* it was so ElleGirlish it's untrue!
by [katie and ellie] December 29, 2004
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This is a fabulous expression used by only the funniest slash classiest of people. In normal terms it is an expression of positive agreement but when used in certain circumstances it is both an incredibly sweet and funny way to answer somebody.

Words and expressions such as ponchomania, wicca wicca blazin' squad, sore throat, katie and ellie, ElleGirl, Elemayo, genious and may weeare all TOP NOTCH.

Have fun using this saying and well done to its creator!
Perv nudists are not top notch.
by [katie and ellie] December 30, 2004
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Although this is actually a phrase it deserves to be recorded immortally in the dictionary of joy. This is a term to be used only when you are in great peril, say you are forced to do something with someone you are far less than fond of. Simply say:
'I've got a sore throat' and you can express you desperation/sadness/anger in an amusing way without conveying your feelings to the enemy. Genius isn't it?!? Share the phrase with all your close friends, just remember you with caution. Also problems and confusion can arise when a true sore throat occurs. Anyway, this phrase will come in useful when you are with people involved in ponchomania or wicca wicca blazin' squad members.
At school with you amigo when the enemy stroll over and starts to talk....
You say, 'I've got a bit of a sore throat at the moment'
Your friends will understand and muchelemayo will follow, the enemy is left very confused!!
by [Katie and Ellie] December 20, 2004
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