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Daisy is the name given to the most amazing girl to walk the earth. She is just perfect in every way, she'll deny that though, because she is super modest. Every time I see Daisy I get butterflies and her voice gives me joy shivers. Daisy will have the most beautiful eyes that you could stare into for all of eternity and hope they will look back into yours. Daisy is the most attractive girl you will ever lay your eyes upon and you would do ANYTHING to be with her for a single moment. Daisy will have this unexplainable quality about her that just draws you towards her and you never want to leave. she has the cutest, hottest and overall best taste in fashion and everything she wears will look absolutely perfect on her. Daisy is the most lovable person in the world. Daisy has a great sense of humor. A smart and beautiful girl that loves to laugh. She's energetic and very fun to be around. At first, she's shy but when you get to know her, she's nothing like you would think. Daisy may not be the most popular but people adore her. She can be very insecure (even though she has no reason to be). She is a loyal and helpful friend. She will always be there for you to help you feel better and solve your problems. Daisy is very trustworthy. The name of a girl who defines the limits in terms of appearance, personality, intellect. Daisy is the girl that every guy wants to date and the friend that every girl wants to have. She is kind-hearted, thoughtful and a very nice person to be around.
by [TSG] II Prospect II December 09, 2020
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You must have more than one waifu and five regular photo's and five nude photos's of each waifu to be in the Waifuism religion
Waifuism for life!
by [TSG] II Prospect II December 09, 2020
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