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I want to start off with no we're not all related ! We're from Cape Verde, west coast of Africa. Most of us are living in Brockton, we're taking over ! We got beautiful females, the best food, & dances. If you ever danced passada, ate cachupa, you've experienced a little part of our culture.
We got good music, couple artists are Deon Chase, Big J, Passada Barbosa, Nelson Freitas, Mika Mendes.

S/O to all Capeverdeans
by @newdegelo February 24, 2013

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These people don't have any knowledge on the league, & goes with whatever the media says.These are the "fans" that don't watch the regular season, but when it comes to the Playoffs, they act like they watched the entire season.
Me: Who do you like better Kobe or LeBron ?
NBA Hypebeast: The Black Mamba, he got more rings!
Me: Aight, Bill Russell or Michael Jordan then?
NBA Hypebeast: Who's Bill Russell !?
Me: -.- Your dismissed kid !
by @newdegelo February 24, 2013

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