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An alternative rock, pop punk band formed in 2004 in tenesse consisting of
Hayley Williams - Vocals, keyboards, piano ( since 2004)
Taylor York - bass guitar (since 2004)
Jeremy Davis - lead and rythm guitars, glockenspiel and percussion (since 2007)

Paramore have released 3 albums so far called 'All We Know Is Falling' 'RIOT!' And 'Brand New Eyes' with both 'RIOT' and 'Brand New Eyes' going platinum.

Fans of the bad are typically called 'Parawhores' and are fiercley loyal and protective of the band!
Don't diss Paramore infront of a Parawhore!!!

Paramore are currently signed to Fueled by Ramen and are constanlty part of the vans warped tour line up.
Dude 1 :"I can't believe Josh and Zak Farro left Paramore"
Dude 2: " ikr?! But they were such douches about Hayley in there leaving statement! I don't they will be able to carry on without them"
Dude 1: "... Paramore is still a band!"
by @KawaiiShots August 11, 2012
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