5 definitions by <minty>

a person who is short and small. They say uwu, u-u, unu tnt, etc. They usually call rich players 'Barbies" for being tall. sometimes they act depressed for RP. They also have a weird obsession with cookies.
oh hi mochi/smol bean/don't call me short/luvs cookies hows it going?
mochi/smol bean/ don't call me short/luvs cookies: im a smol bean uwu
by <minty> November 16, 2020
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A word that means you are annoyed at someone or if you are mad at them but don't want people thinking you're being mean so you say it in private.
Rich girl: no need you to pay IOOk for tHiS cB fAn *declines*
me: BRUH
by <minty> November 16, 2020
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triangle boi. someone who is so bored they have gone crazy.
jellyz: hi, how are you
minty: /\-/\
by <minty> December 01, 2020
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A face that small beans use to express their feelings. very shallow.
hi mochi/lives in japan/loves cookies how are you?
Mochi: ;-;
by <minty> November 13, 2020
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