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There has been much said about men and women and their respective dating strategies. Much of the ‘rules’ about these gender interactions have been debated and discussed for years. When does a person slip out of that ‘potential mate’ category and into the friend-zone?This theory proposes that it is less about time, and more about the dimensions that surround the particular relationship that dictates this.

One must first imagine an American-Indian T.P or tent pole that was first used in the mid-18th century and is still being used today. It can be closed by closing the flap and this flap can be held open to allow for easy entry and exit into the tent. If one were to apply this picture to a relationship between a man and a woman, it will allow for the theory to be understood. The theory says that when the flap is open, the relationship still has potential to turn into a romantic one. However, once this flap is closed and the time has elapsed, the relationship enters the friend-zone as referred to earlier and it remains this way. The potential for any further romantic activity or feelings has diminished.

The reasons for the closing of the flap are specific to the relationship. Examples could be lack of common ground, lack of sexual attraction, an immobile man not ‘making the move’ and a host of others.
Rob: "Oh my shattered nations, i better move fast, cause according to The American-Indian T.P. Flap theory, my flap is closing soon with Shaniqua!"
by <:six_cents:> January 03, 2012
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