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A kid in his pre-teens who got really obsessed with Halo, a lot like the Star Wars Kid. (This kid might be from Canada too.) He created full size, cardboard models of every weapon in the Halo series as well as the body armor. He then uploaded videos of himself onto Youtube where he would demonstrate playing with them, with perfect reloading an tea-bagging imitations. Sadly, he skipped school one day to imitate Halo in his back yard with a real .22 caliber rifle and accidentally shot himself in the head.
OMG, watch the Halo Kid videos on Youtube!

The story of the Halo Kid makes a strong argument against allowing kids to play violent video games.
by /_7 September 11, 2008

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A fashion/lifestyle trend that originated in the USA, mainly in New York City (although one can see it anywhere).

Basically, when the economy tanked, many affluent people felt guilty about their overtly rich lifestyle. So, they still spend money like it's going out of style, but in order to look like a starving artist. It's easy to think the poorgeoisie resemble hipsters.
Keep the five o'clock shadow & loose the suit. Ditch the Lexus/BMW & ride public transit while listening to music on your iPhone. Instead of a polo, wear a guayabera shirt. Scuff up your white trainers. Never talk about your high paying job. No one can blame you for the second great depression now, you poorgeoisie entrepreneur/banker.
by /_7 July 15, 2009

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A type of telescope. It's basically one half of a pair of binoculars, designed to be used like a telescope for the same purpose.
Generally used by parents watching their kids play in a park from a long distance. However, it could be used for spying on people discretely, maybe checking out girls from a distance.
Two guys walking down a beach:
Guy 1: Yo, you see those chicks over there? You think we should go up to them?
Guy 2: I don't know, let me investigate further with my trusty pervascope!
(He takes a look down range.)
Guy 1: Well?
Guy 2: She has some nice titties...
by /_7 December 08, 2008

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