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short for the word "merchandise". usually used by scene kids when talking about local bands new shirts and pins. they are accustomed to shortening almost all of their vocabulary anyways... ex: pictures=pics, camouflage=camo, oh my god!=oh em gee!
oh em gee! did you see the pics of *insert local band name here*'s new <b>merch</b> on their myspace?! it comes in camo print! i am so getting it in a small and then cutting it up to show my bleeding heart tattoo on my back!! yay!! <333

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A paint job that is done on a vehicale (preferably truck) which has flames running across the sides. Most typically used by bros on their sick 8 inch. raised trucks with 36 inch tires.
Bro #1: Hey man, did you get your truck raised yet?
Bro #2: AW! I got this SICK 8 inch raise with like 36 inch tires and this awesome new falme paint job on the side. It's frikin dank bro.

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the act of throwing a patially eaten apple (preferably green) over a brick wall and thus hitting a car that is driving down the busy street on the other side of that wall; the coolest way of getting in trouble in Jr. High School. Especially when your name is Lori.
I'm bored, school sucks... Let's go apple chucking.

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anyone who "dances" in the hardcore pit that can roundhouse at least one kid in the face, come up with a new move that integrates some type of "gangster" move, or wears camouflage pants. it's a spin-off from being scene or hardcore or metal. Also includes: size 2 plugs or below, nose ring, snake bites, black X's on hands, black sweater either by Metal Mulisha or supporting friend's band, in a hardcore band, a claim of having a pair of brass knuckles at home, military cap (preferably in camouflage print also), and is a member of the local StraightxEdge troop. One, many or all can apply for you to be considered "tuff". or xTUFFx.
Tuff Kid #1: Aw! Did you see those kids with their bangs and all that crap in their hair??
Tuff Kid #2: Yeah! And their tight girl pants!
Tuff Kid #1: Man! We should TOTALLY kick their ass!
Tuff Kid #2: Allright man! Next time *insert hardcore band name here... example: As Blood Runs Black* plays a breakdown, we'll two step all over them and completely anihilate them!
Tuff Kid #1: YEAH!
Tuff Kid #2: Hey but dude, are my camouflage pants the right hue of green tonight? I mean, they're new and I just didn't know...
Tuff Kid #1: Aw bro, they're dank man. Don't even worry about it.
Tuff Kid #2: Thanks man, thanks. I got your back anytime someone wants to mess with you.
Tuff Kid #1: Awesome bro! Hey, how's your girlfriend?
Tuff Kid #2: She's growing out her bangs but she cut the back shorter again. She's so hot. I wish I could screw her but I'm StraightxEdge...

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a brand that any bro is obsessed with; revolves around a skull with a military helmet on; completely retarded and pathetic.
Bro #1: Aw! Did you hear about that Metal Mulisha sale??
Bro #2: YEAH! At the KOTTON MOUTH KINGS concert I got this rad new Metal Mulisha sweatshirt that matches the sticker on the back of my brodozer.

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