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Officially established under the National Forensic League, and the National Catholic Forensic League
generally consists of the following categories:

OO- original oratory- ten minute original memorized speech on any topic you want as long as it has contemporary significance - the best category in my opinion

DI/HI- dramatic/ humorous interpretation- ten minute memorized monolage usually about rape and death unless its humorous then its obviously about something else - unless you find those kind of things....funny?

OI- oral interpretation- the reading of poetry and prose- very artsy very interesting if you are into that sort of thing

DEC- declamation- memorized non-original speech pretty straightforward - sorry fellas -only for freshmen and sophmores

EXTEMP- extemporaneous speaking- you have to make an "extemp box" with newspapers and magazines, you get 30 minutes to make an seven minute speech off the top of your head after drawing a random card on current events. - its super fun.

DUO- duo - two people in a memorized ten minute exchange of acting , except you cant face or touch....ha each other , yes those are rules.

LD- Lincoln Douglas Debate- one on one debate - ur given a resolution and you roll with it make sure you prepare a negative and affirmative case beforehand.

POLICY- policy debate - team debate. Exactly that.
CONGRESS- i seriously have no idea what this is but its really only at national or college tournaments

Speech and Debate is a club- not a way of life as some would suggest
but it takes alot of time if you really care about it
don't get carried away
its not cool to wear "forensics" lettermen jackets. and it never will be.
This club is a great way to meet people, sound intelligent, improve your studying and memorization skills and have alot of fun. ( yes im really serious)

boy: "want to see a movie this weekend?"
girl: "I can't i have a forensics tournament"
boy: "Forensics? like CSI"
girl: " no, its speech and debate"
boy: "oh....cool"
girl: "yes i am"
boy: "how about next weekend?"
girl; "ok"
by &hearts& June 22, 2006
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