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Marvelite, Sherlockian, Whovian, Merlinian, Ringer. One who enjoys sci-fi action and adventure movies (not chick flicks), people who will possess and wear fandom t-shirts to show off what they like. They prefer to stay at home and play video games and watch netflix while eating a jar of Nutella. They stay completely away from things such as Twilight, Justin Beiber, and other stupid things. Some have a tendency to be anti-social until a topic of interest (Such as Marvel) is brought up and will then explode out of pure excitement for that fandom. They also LOVE books. Some people seem to put geeks in the same category as 'Hipsters', they are nothing alike. And yes they will DEFINITLY Cosplay
Person: "Omg you neeeeeeeed to see Twilight with me!!"
Geek Girl: "Ummmm ya no"
Person: "WHY??!!!"
Geek girl: "Sorry i'm busy"

*At home on computer eating Nutella in pajamas*
by #NOTDEAD January 27, 2014
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