Almost obsessive fan of Marvel. Including comic books, movies, animated TV shows, video games etc.

They tend to be very loud about their love of marvel, especially online.

Usually not big fans of DC comics and movies.
#1: I re-read all my marvel comics while I wait for the new MCU movie.

#2: Wow, you're sure a big Marvelite.
by scyllaya March 25, 2013
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Marvelites are obsessive comic book fans, specifically those of Marvel Comics. In geek-culture, they are known for having an annoying tendency to troll message boards and comment threads with their incessant criticisms other comic companies -- most specifically DC Comics.

Marvelites are known to have an unreasonable hatred toward director Christopher Nolan due to the success of his "Batman" films, labeling admirers of the movies as "Nolanites." Apparently this is meant to be some sort of insult, as they will call a person a "Nolanite" even if that person simply disagrees with their opinion.

A word of warning: do NOT attempt to engage a Marvelite in intelligent debate, as they are likely to simply tout their opinions as facts and resort to petty namecalling. In other words, they are your typical forum troll.
Fan #1: Man, I love comics.

Fan #2: I know, me too! That's awesome!

Fan #1: My favorite title right now is Scott Snyder's Batman. How about you?

Fan #2: Batman? Pfft. Guess the Nolanites didn't get the memo that Nolan's films don't matter in the comics... not like they read them anyway. Pfft.

Fan #1: ...Huh?

Fan #2: Fact -- Uncanny X-Force is the best title being printed.

Fan #1: Yeah, it's pretty goo--

Fan #2: But I guess you're too busy to notice with your nose buried in your Batman (pfft) comics, huh, Nolanite?

Fan #1: Dude. We both have something in common. You don't have to be an asshole just for the sake of being an asshole.

Fan #2: Lol... I guess you're too stupid to believe facts even when they're laid out in front of your eyes. Fact -- Rick Remender is the greatest writer ever. Fact -- The Avengers wipe their asses with the Justice League. Fact -- you're a retard Nolanite who reads Batman.

Fan #1: Wow, I guess you're a total Marvelite. And apparently an insufferable douchebag.
by The Bad Credit Terminator December 25, 2012
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