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1) A word that is not easily explained, however normally expressed by someone on a really hot, humid day, when they are asked to do something and they really can't be bothered, as it would mean moving from their current position.

2) Neither a yes or a no. Can be used to avoid or at least delay making a decision, or when you don't really have an opinion- can also be paired with 'uhh' or 'that's a good question...'.
1) (Outside on a boiling day)

Mum (Emerging from kitchen): Mark, help me with this pasta! Don't just sit there doing nothing!

Mark (Lying on sunbed): Nghhhhh...

2) Decision bringer-upper: ...and that sums it up. What do you think we should do, Mark?

Mark: Nghh...uhh...that's a really good question...
by Nghhh... June 22, 2010
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