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The German word for two.
Hey, I can count in German: eins, zwei, drei, vier, funf...
#german #foreign language #eins #drei #swiss #swiss german
by dudepersonman June 25, 2006
The verbal word of the sound a lightsaber makes as it travels through the air.
Mitch: Hey Andrew, wanna play lightsabers?
Andrew: Sure, Mitch.
Mitch: Can I be green?
Andrew: Yeah. *turns lightsaber on* (lightsaber moves through the air) sounds like ZWEI
#lightsaber #lightsabers #zwei #star wars #mitch
by reddragonofnoob March 30, 2008
Pimp who cock slaps hot girlss
yo yeah he just pulled a zwei with courtney
by klein April 04, 2004
mad ass pimp
"yo did u see him with like 10 girls beggin to suck his cock? that man is such a zwei"
by pimpette April 03, 2004
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