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when one girl hits another girl in the breast (open handed only)
Jaimie! Don't funf Sarah in front of other people!
by mouthyone September 12, 2008
A synonym for "fuck". To be used as an adjective, verb, noun or the like.
John: Bro lemme get LB!
Alex: Don't funf me, bro
by wussupdude? June 01, 2011
When a female has hairy genitalia such that one can tell it has been recently shaved or trimmed, but hair length is longer than acceptable, and can render those that see it into disgust. This creates a hedge-like obstacle that one has to cross upon vaginal access.
Linda: Martin, I think it's time... satisfy my needs.

(awkward unbuttoning)

Martin: But Linda you have a funf!!!!!!!! And you knew I was going down there. You're sick. I'm leaving you Linda.
by PersiflageXC June 01, 2011
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