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the slang term for goodies, candy, and/or snack foods when someone is at a rainbow gathering.
zuzu=snickers bars

by Tania2tones June 24, 2005
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A damn sexy bitch.
"Oh hot damn... who's that girl..." "Oh that must be Zuzu!"
by yesmaster September 01, 2009
A Beautiful, gorgeous, confident, and intelligent woman who never gives up on anything. She has a heart that will melt yours.

Best role model in life.
I wish my sister was more like zuzu.

That girl over there is so sweet, she must be a zuzu
by bubblesalltheway August 04, 2011
superfantasticlywonderful in a fantabulistic way.
"This dessert tastes incredibly ZuZu."

"You're nowhere near as ZuZu as you think you are. Putz."
by Miss Paddon December 06, 2006
Short/Slang for an Uzi 9 mm.
Them nigga's strapped with zuzus.
by A Kellner May 11, 2008
A sweet, usually chocolate treat found at a campfire in the woods.
We all went to Diva Diner for some phat zu-zu's and coffee.
Let's start the zu-zu movie(the act of making snacks for everyone present).
by S December 06, 2003
A beautiful blush. Romanian in origin. Also the name of a yogurt, from said country.
She had a zuzu.
by IloveFlower December 26, 2012

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