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Microsoft's new MP3/Video player that actually is making Apple nervous. It can share files wirelessly via Wi-Fi, can play videos on a bigger screen than the iPod, charge faster and doesn't look too bad. It actually looks like it has a thumb wheel like the iPod so it can convert people to the Zune.
Slash: Look, I got the new Zune.
Torch: Oh, that. It's no match for the iPod. Nobody bought it yet and nobodys gonna.
Slash: Well, it can share files wirelessly and has a bigger screen to play videos.
Torch: And who will you share videos with?
Slash: Well...uh...stfu.
by The Mr Needles Experience October 03, 2006
Deficient quality and quantity. To be a day late and a dollar short.

ORIGIN: Name of Microsoft portable music and video player. The 'Zune' was a hopeless attempt to break into the MP3 player market dominated by the Apple 'iPod' .
Unfortunately, it's all way too zune to make a difference.
by cornerwhore November 18, 2006
Verb: to Create something.. but not do it properly. Coined from the Microsoft Release of the "Zune"
but I bet you that Jobs isn't going to zune the iPhone by leaving off all the bits people want and need.
by IainF November 16, 2006
Microsoft's new portable MP3 player which Microsoft hopes to be an "iPod killer". In all probability will die because everyone and their dog already has an iPod and is satisfied with it.
Microsoft's new MP3 player has the totally 1337 name "Zune".
by nphp July 26, 2006
The awesome mp3 player from Microsoft, better than the ipod in every way.
Did you see the new zune?
by James Broderick July 17, 2006
An expensive device with many flaws.
I regret ever buying this abomination known as Zune.
by There is no god October 07, 2007
The act of taking such a giant brown shit that your gargantuan turd curls around the toilet bowl several times.
"Dude, me belly full o' flautas. I gotta go curl a zune."
by Chief Bobo November 11, 2006
I zuned the shit out of that fuckin tight ass pussy

I wanna zune that phat ass butt
by InfamousWill April 03, 2008
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