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1. A poking tool. Typically the pinky finger. It can be used to poke, tame, or kill anything, but mostly animals. A must have in Ray, Wyoming.

2. The Kashi Sisters. A famous band in Ray, Wyoming.
I kashied 5 cows today in Ray, Wyomin. It was dandy!
by kashigirl January 11, 2010
1. Company who manufactures various healthy breakfast and frozen food products.
2. Japanese translation - Explosive Gas and Diarrhea.
Jason said, "Man, I ate some of that Kashi Go-Lean yesterday, and I was totally peeing out of my butt"
Nick replied, "I know what you mean, It felt like everything I swallowed just dropped straight to my ass. The awesome gas was pretty entertaining though."
by Likes2Liquor February 01, 2009
Seven whole grains and sesame cereal, sometimes used as a singing aid. Often associated with ass-kicking metal music about givin props to all.
This one goes out to all my girls with braces, Keepin it metal, keepin it tight, Adam Eat the Kashi for the ladies
by AssClown February 26, 2003
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