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A synonym for pwned is "Zuned." You are Zuned when you receive a Zune for Christmas when you wanted an iPod. Zuned is understood as a slang term that implies missed expectations and/or humiliation.

Trader Eric Landstrom coined the term on the Yahoo Finance Forums.
Examples include "Zunage" when used in a collective sense or, "Dude, you just got Zuned," when used in an individual sense.
by Eric Landstrom November 27, 2007
Having ruined an otherwise great product with pointless restrictions and obvious concessions to third parties.
Microsoft really Zuned the Xbox One by region coding games and requiring an Internet connection in order for the console to check in every 24 hours.
by Mr_Shifty June 11, 2013
To invest time, money or resources into a doomed or failing project.
The entire project was zuned from the beginning.
by steven cyanix February 26, 2014
When all users of one networked product fail.

Reference: On December 31st, 2008 every single Zune user got a bsod due to a leap-year error in the audio-player's code.
Dude, we all go zuned by that squirrel in the substation last night.
by MLx January 01, 2009
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