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The act of saying something absurd when someone enters a room so as to make them think that you're discussing something very bizarre.
When Pat came into the room, Joe engaged in punchlining him when he said out of nowhere "and that's the last time I ever set a penguin on fire in my bathroom!".
by Mr_Shifty November 12, 2008
A word used to describe someone who is clinically sarcastic.
Be careful what you say to Pete... he's a complete sarcopath.
by Mr_Shifty December 01, 2008
A very fast form of ground warfare supported by strategic air strikes that results in grief for all involved, even if victory is achieved. See also: MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.
After the blitzgrief in Iraq, the people in the US and the people in Iraq were all upset about the outcome.
by Mr_Shifty August 25, 2009
A large amount of money owed to an Internet entity.
Catrina was unable to get a car loan due to her large Amazon webt.
by Mr_Shifty November 10, 2010
A logarithmic scale used to measure the angry ranting of Nazis globally.
In 1942, angry Nazi ranting was measured at an unprecedented level of 120 degrees Fahrenheil, whereas in 1947, this amount had decreased to a calm, cool 68 degrees Fahrenheil.
by Mr_Shifty August 02, 2011
Like a facepalm, but something so mind-numbingly stupid that it results in violently slamming one's face into a hard, flat object in frustration.
Seriously? They're going to raise the debt ceiling? *FACEBLAM*
by Mr_Shifty June 30, 2011
When the out-of-the-box settings for something are flawed to the point of being broken.
I tried using Ubuntu's Unity desktop, but I discovered right after installing it that it's defaulty.
by Mr_Shifty May 09, 2013
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