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To vomit, barf, puke, chum.
All that rum made me zuke.
by EHofHB September 22, 2007
12 12
Zuke is the name for the severed head of a unicorn, and Zukes are a group of people who take the Zuke as their mascot.
"We are the Zukes!"
by A_Baby_Duck July 16, 2009
7 1
to get high smoking marijuana.
hey you want to go zuke after work?
by bucketball April 15, 2005
25 24
A word used to refer to boobs.
"Yo man, if it wasn't for those zukes, that war pig would be a 2/10".
by Brett Zaccaria November 20, 2007
4 6
When you tap one's shoulder and they look directly over it and they don't know who tapped them on the shoulder.
Man, i zuked my friend James
by xjwilsonx44 December 26, 2008
5 16
1. zucchini

2. to vomit
Their zuke was so bad it made me zuke.
by The Return of Light Joker May 02, 2011
0 12