A wicked tall guy who is exceptional in all fields except work and motivation. Can often be seen:
With orange hat
Tooling on nobles LAX players
Playing skins.
-Dude how are things?
-Oh, there good, I'm a regular zubin.
by liland March 06, 2005
a)slang for hottest, sexiest thing ever known to man kind.

b)absurdly gorgeous

c)slang for a really skinny, lanky, weak, frail brown kid

d)super cool and having an amazing personality
damn, he wishes he was a zubin.
by zubin November 28, 2004
the coolest, sleekest, hottest thing around
damn, that new cell phone is so zubin it's insane
by john November 29, 2004
He is so bluddy hot. He likes girls and he is that boy next door. He's got a massive dick but still girls can give him adequate hand jobs. He hates nic and juuuuuush
Dude how big is your dick.

Oh its massive, i have a zubin
by Sadfee September 11, 2008
A decent guy with crazy long mohawky hair. Average height, apparently has an 8 pack. some people are doubtful. Gets all the girls (ehhhh) and can be nice. sometimes. Zubins are true friends that can be there for you. Zubins are in love with Hollister shirts (a huge rip off), an aspiring model maybe? He is amazing at all sports and a hockey fan. Zubins usually hangs out with a mammoth British dude who people think have a fake accent and runs funny, a Greek guy who walks with swag and has a 6 pack, and a Brazillian dude who some think resembles Jean-Baptiste Maunier. Oohhhh, ladies prepare to swoon. Zubins are definately part of an interesting group of friends.
That mohawk makes you look like a Zubin.

Whoah man have you been working out like a Zubin?
by laughingdudes December 26, 2012
An unusually large poo.
"Man, I gotta go dump a Zubin."

"Brb, breaking off a Zubin."

"Ouch, I have a Zubin coming on."

"Bob's been in the toilet for ages...must be a Zubin."
by TheCasa August 18, 2011
Beastly dude who is 6'0" and has a wicked 8 pack. Basically a complete beast at everything except for school work because he doesn't even try (he's a rebel). Girls love the zubin and sometimes find it difficult to control themselves. Unbeatable in combat.
Individual A: Did you see zubin the other day? He was looking so dreamy?
Individual B: Thats such a gay thing for a guy to say...
Individual A: This is zubin we're talking about...
Individual B: Thats true, I think he smiled at me once actually. You think I should go for it?

Girl A: Here comes zubin.
Girl B: Oh my... mmmmmmm....asdasdkjfas (orgasms)
by sdfsgdfgsdfgsfd May 08, 2013

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