A word commonly associated with, gaming culture
Used primarily by 1337 gamer Nick Matta
To pwn in an exempt or serious manner.
One who pwns with much ease
I pwn teh nubs zorz
#pwn #teh #nub #noob #nickmatta #elliottruong
by Nick Matta March 20, 2008
Top Definition
a suffix added to the end of words such as "rock" and the acronym of "lol".
It takes the meaning of the word on which it is added to, to a higher level, and being more assertive.
7h47 Wuz t3h r0ckz0rz!
by Gary Steelman January 27, 2005
add it to the end of every word you use to become a complete computer nerd. Computer Nerds use it to make things cooler.
Omg that is so sweetzorz. w00tzorz! lolzorz!
#computer nerds #end #cooler #awesome #sweet
by Rent.A.Noob September 26, 2005
Also -zors

Taken from the popular internet and MMORPG expression, haxorz, "zorz" is added to random words for no particular reason except to sound cool/annoying. Examples include everything from "l33tzorz" to "gayzorz" to "I'm hungry, make me a sandwhichzorz."

Expressions ending is "-zorz" commonly begin with teh as a prefix.
Yo! That's teh suckzorz!
I'm hungryzorz.
I can't go out tonight, I have teh homeworkzorz.
#-zorz #-zors #-z0rs #-z0rz #teh
by Christina S June 23, 2006
a common suffix used in the laser community which can also be used to accentuate a noun and/or verb. In effect you cannont Zor a Zor.
Did you see those phreakang layzorz during 42 last nightzorz!!1
#zorz #z0rz #layzorz #brokezorz #aidzorz #drunkzorz #ragezorz
by Miniature Horse January 29, 2008
A term used to describe epic computers.
Hoss that computer is a zorz!
#oem #trinidad #hp #voodoo #microsoft #sennheiser #polk
by bluewaterstnt November 20, 2009
SAMzorz.....she's so precious and TATERlicious
by Jen January 21, 2005
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