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Unit measuring the tightness of a vagina. The matta is a torque rating based on Newtons per metre squared of pressure uniformly exerted on any object being pushed between the labia.

Tightness ranges between -5 and +10, with 0 having been normalised by the authors at 0 for most girls. -5 is frankly paedophillic and anything +5 is reserved for anything that has given birth and torn their organs open.

The optimum tightness is approximately -2 Mattas.
"yeah bruv, she was so tight, I swear down she was -2 mattas or some shit. I was splurting in like 20 seconds"

"You'll get over it mate, plenty more fish in the sea. I know she was tighter than a jew but you have to put mind over Matta"

"Ciao Luigi..... What's the Matta?!"
"Why it is 3 units of Matta Professor Rossi."

by Muzal May 06, 2007
matta is a status of being drunk. it means you are out of control. you flame everybody and destroy everything all around. mattaness makes you mad and you step out of your mind for drinking a lot.
-Oh dude, im so hangover.
-What happened, dude?
-Yesterday i drunk myself to matta.
by Buduka November 12, 2011
To Pwn in games involving great skill, coordination and awesomeness
This guy is matta right now
Nick is a matta
by Nick Matta March 20, 2008
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