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A television show on PBS with a bunch of snot-nosed kids that do crafts and tell knock-knock jokes.
Come on and zoom. Come on and zuma zuma zuma zoom!
by Jeanette August 09, 2004
Tall, dark and very handsome. A successful, attention seeking man who loves women. This type of person ALWAYS gets what they want, and will do so at any cost.
No wonder his condo was so big, it has to contain his head. That guy was such a zoom!
by Alwayz Rite November 23, 2012
An accumulation of every verb in the dictionary
You can't zoom the zoomer

Zoom that prescription in

I'll zoom you

Go zoom the front
by The Zoomer January 04, 2013
Means the same thing as win, sick, etc.

Used only by the awesome people from the Passing Cloud
"You are the zoomest person i know" - Conor
"That is so zoom!!" - Kaylyn
by Passing Cloud May 26, 2010
A song by Lil Boosie ft. Yung Joc. Describes the action of zooming, which includes ridin on dubs and smokin on purple.
"I get retarded in ferraris, I get loose in the coupe!
Paranoid like Pac so i keep that glock, when i zoom"
by jsquiz March 01, 2010
A crappy modem manufacturer.
Zoom makes shitty modems...
by Anonymous August 08, 2003
when a person wants to leave a chatroom quickly
"im off like a prom dress.... *zooms*"
by gears September 28, 2007
Participating in sexual intercourse
"All I want to do is zoom, zoom, zoom" - Dr. Dre & LL Cool J
by cheeseglue August 19, 2005

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