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Derogatory term for a resident of Arizona. Zoners are known to frequently visit southern california (specifically San Diego) and be confused by road networks that are not in a perfect grid-like pattern.
Holy Shit! That Zoner is driving on the wrong side of the street!
by kevintheomanharris April 28, 2007
60 20
League of Legends jargon that represents champion(s) who can "zone" the enemy champion(s) in a lane. This means that the zoner is too much of a threat for the opposing champion to last hit minions, thereby forcing the enemy to miss out on experience and gold.
Udyr is a strong zoner in top lane due to his tankiness and harassing potential.
by BSMIncentive February 12, 2012
8 10
It's like a boner you get in your sleep.
I woke up with a zzzzzzoner.
by turdmasterdarren January 22, 2012
1 8
The term for the condition caused by one's zipper curling to look like a boner. Can occur by a fly zipper or a sweatshirt zipper.
You got a banana in your pants, or are you just excited to see me?
Shut up, it's just a zoner.
by Zhoom45 December 26, 2010
12 23
A zipper boner.
Jill: omg do u have a boner?!
Sam: no its my zipper I swear! Its a zoner, not a boner!!
by chicken fagina August 19, 2009
5 21
a boner you get in the middle of class when you stop paying attention and let your mind wander
-Can you come up to the board and write your answer?
-Oh, uhhh. I can't
-why not?
-well i was just daydreaming and now i have a pretty stark zoner.
by The Arsenator October 16, 2009
7 25
a condition which arises when an individual is so 'in the zone', they cannot help but have a megahuge boner.
michael phelps was sporting a zoner during the beijing olympics.
by poot12 December 28, 2008
11 30