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4 definitions by StickyGooPants

term used by women who are involved in long deep satisfying sex sessions
"oh baby... yeah... oh yeah... ahhhhh yeah... ahhh thats it yeah fuck... oh thats good yeah... ah yeah Ah AH AHAHAHAHAHAHA YEAH FUCK ME BABY YEAH MORE AH HARD YEAH FUCK BABY YEAH MORE MORE FUCK ME MORE GIVE ME MORE YEAH" etc etc
by StickyGooPants June 06, 2004
217 75
Term used to describe a state of mind whereby a person/machine is working/performing at peak or optimal performance. Usually applied to athletes, sportsmen/women. Not to be confused with the term high on drugs.
"Oh man that shot was lethal! He is IN THE ZONE"
by StickyGooPants June 13, 2004
115 32
Word used to describe the godawful situation whereby a person does a runny fart and accidentally dumps their pants.
Hurrrmmmmmph!!!! (schlop!) ewwwww...
by StickyGooPants June 13, 2004
9 16
Every man's wish
What a slag, I want a slag, she's a slag, you fucking slag, shut up slag, fuck me slag
by StickyGooPants June 06, 2004
9 21