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The act of putting someone into the zone of getting owned. Frequently used in online gaming.
You own someone and scream "Put into the zone!!!!!" or "Get zoned!!!"
by LAGxPeanutPwner January 27, 2010
zoned is another word for stoned or high,
as in zoning out because you're stoned.
dude i was so zoned at ashley's party last night man
by abracadabralolled August 27, 2008
In a non-ordinary state of consciousness, especially one in which one is removed from physical reality; in a trance; out of it; out to lunch; dreaming while awake. Probably derived from 'The Twilight Zone', a TV program dealing with fantasy, science fiction, the occult, etc. Also 'zoned out', 'zoning'.
The driver of the truck that hit me seemed to be completely zoned -- the cops took him away, and left me sitting on the curb.

-- I'm by myself, but I'm not alone / I spend a lot of time in the Twilight Zone. -- (James Taylor)
by anarcissie January 19, 2011
When you are high (off weed) to the point that you literally keep "zoning" out. If this occurs while you are around other people, usually you will not participate in the conversation and instead sit and listen. Or not listen at all and just think. It can be very peaceful, but it can also make people wonder if you are ok and make you seem awkward.
dude i was so zoned last night that i just sat and stared for a good 20 minutes
by that dude on the internet May 26, 2010
To be in a state of deep concentration, perplexed, unconscious
James was zoned out for hours while playing illusions of the mind
by Fisher October 15, 2003
High on something; off in the Ozone layer of the atmosphere.
"Marc came over with some weed and we got zoned."
by Ace February 05, 2002
to walk up to someone, fart, and walk away like nothing ever happend, leaving the victim to smell the fart.
Rich just totally Zoned that lady! I smelt it from here!
by Bobby41 March 02, 2008
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