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The state of being so drunk it is difficult to do things that would seem easy if you were sober, ex; motor function control, speech, etc.
"Man, we got folded last night at Jake's house! We had 6 bottles of vodka!"
by )))))))))))) August 31, 2005
when a person doesnt come thru as promised; let down or left hangin.
yo you folded, how u missed my wedding
by bktoboca May 27, 2010
Sexual origami. Usually instigated by a bi-sexual man. The art of folding.
Did you smash that bird last night?" "No I folded her" "Oh I didn't realise you were bi
by Vegas Kid 2011 May 11, 2011
The act of nodding on an opiate such as opium, heroin, oxycodone or any other type of downer.
That man did so much heroin he is folded.
by Sada3393 January 16, 2014
the act of being just fu***d up enough that you only remember half of the things that happened that evening, as if your memory were split in half, or folded
MIKE: "bro, we got a situation up in here."

VINNY: " you ain't lyin brahhhhh. Pauly drank to much

sizzurp, he be mad folded tomorrow."
by Greg Jillian January 17, 2010
Drunk, totally wasted
I partied way too much last night, I was folded by 12.
by tinkrbell August 27, 2007
When someone is extremely under the influence or very very very hammered after a long night.
"Dang, she was SO folded last night."

"She was more folded that night than my grandpa was at his retirement party."

- "She WAS pretty folded then."
by D18888 October 04, 2009
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