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like son, but disrespectful in a slang way
Who do you think you are zon?

Skweezy Jibbs tried to disrespect me so i called him a zon and stole his word
by Touminator November 02, 2010
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A character Class in the Blizzard game Diablo II
I have a PvM Zon
by FknBlazed May 16, 2003
the sun in Dutch
umbrella; sunshade - in English
zondek - in Dutch
zondek: zon - "sun", dek - "roof"
by AP December 23, 2003
probably short for amazon, or female warrior. A very assertive woman.
God, she's a real zon. Did you see how she blew that maitre d' away?
by guy May 10, 2003

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