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"Don't Even Know", a variation on "idk".
Supposedly started by a blogger on sarcasticindiefucks.tumblr.

idk-> I don't know
idek-> I don't even know
dek-> Don't even know.

For the linguistically adventurous, it can also be used as a verb.

Also, see the variation on a variation, dec.

"I dek."
I don't even know.

"She deks."

She doesn't know.

"They're dekking."
They don't know, they have no idea.

"I dekked!"
I didn't even know!
by LovetteCher December 27, 2010
an alternative way to pronounce "dick." often for added effect or partly as a joke.
"shut up dek"
by jarule16 August 14, 2008
The wayyy cool canvas shoe. Rabens are passe now that Deks have arrived down under. Fully defined at The only place to get a pair of Deks that I know of.
by wayyycool November 29, 2009
Someone whose "Bratwurst ist rot".
The TWAT-Team of S-F (Tactical Women's Ass Terrorist)
The guy who likes hentai better than normal anime.

Hobbies: Raping Kakashi's, making pervert comments
<+DemonEyesKyo> ie: Hey Tiffany, Your twat tastes of fucking cheese and fish- dont you wash down here?
by Kakashi January 01, 2004
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