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That last, nasty tasting puff of smoke from igniting the screen ash. It never enhances your buzz and it always makes you gag and hack.
UGH!!! NEGATIVE HIT!! Yeesh, that one could've hacked the spanish army!
by Stuben Hackfittle Von Burntsteiner November 07, 2004
depending on the context in which it is used, flouptched can mean f!#ked up in either a positive or negative way.
"Man, that was good s$%t. I'm really flouptched!" or "The timing chain skipped a tooth and now the engine runs all flouptched."
A doodlemeyer is a slow, unimpressive song. Said song may be described as doodlemeyerish or doodley-dooish. Good old fashioned dentist office muzac is as doodlemeyerish as it gets.
That crap is even more of a doodlemeyer than what they were playing in the elevator!
by Stuben Hackfittle Von Burntsteiner November 02, 2004
Zoid can be conjugated or used as a noun. ie: One who zoids is a zoid. The act of zoiding is to fall alseep, regardless of one's environment. An ultimate zoid can fall alseep at a Who concert. Lightweights often zoid at parties. An eternal zoid is one who has passed away.
Man, what a lightweight! Dude f!@#ing zoided out behind my land yacht and missed half the boogie!
by Stuben Hackfittle Von Burntsteiner November 05, 2004
The sound made by a healthy car engine starting so quickly that it pulls the starter motor even as you let go of the key. Sometimes used in place of the word start in an automotive context.
I'm gonna go dijing the Blowva. (78 Chevy Nova with 350,000 miles on it and a bit of blowby through the rings)
by Stuben Hackfittle Von Burntsteiner November 07, 2004
Wing(ing) primarily has two definitions: to wing is either to throw through something the air (wung for past tense)or to fornicate. A wing candidate would be a sexually attractive person.
Holy crap, what a turbo-non-troll! Now SHE is an ULTRALMEGA wing candidate!
by Stuben Hackfittle Von Burntsteiner November 07, 2004
A troll is someone who is considered undesirable either due to physical attributes or character flaws. A trollular non-troll is a hottie so long as she's too drunk to be a bitch. A non-trollular troll is a total dog with a great personality.
Man, what a little troll! If she wasn't so much of an ultra wing candidate I'd pawn her off on some other idiot.
by Stuben Hackfittle Von Burntsteiner November 07, 2004
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