It's where god zipped you up. Otherwise know as the taint gooch grundle.
I shaved my zipper last week, and the backs of my balls keep getting itchy from the stubble.
by Von Sauce December 18, 2005
A person who is on a single's dating site, and punches in different zip codes, for different cities, in his search for single people, that are members of his dating service, but that are outside of his limited local (home) zip code.
Rose: I'm getting tired of seeing the same people, on this single's dating site. Victor: Hey, Rose, you should become a zipper. Rose: Whats a zipper? Victor: Just somebody that punches, in different, zip codes, for different cities, that way you have access to every city, every member, accross the country. Rose: Thanks, Victor,I guess if i find someone, it would have been worth becoming a zipper, thanks.
by Victor Osejo March 05, 2007
type of hairstyle
That zipperhead looks like he would rip your head off and crap down your throat.
by and you'd like it October 13, 2003

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