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One of asian decent who's eyes are in the form of zippers!

Man those zipper (s) sure pimped out their rice rockets!
by T Boned 8 24 January 08, 2009
big scar from many stitches, from bullet or stab wounds, etc. or repair of autopsy incision.
"Snitches get stitches, drippers get zippers"
by DCMF June 01, 2006
the thing that gets in the way when ur masterbating in class and the teacher comes around. You usually get ur dick stuck in it and yell oh fuck me
"ur so hot forest. oh yeah oh yeah. damn here comes the teacher. ouch!
by tristan November 26, 2003
Take a look at those zippers right across the street.
by VinnyTeo April 17, 2011
the white dotted line on the roads
that jackass is riding the zipper
by transporter74 July 31, 2009
an opening that goes up and down that is usually on articles of clothing or a bag of some sort.
My zipper came undone when we bent over.
by eden March 14, 2003
The opening gate to the vagina or penis
I pulled the zipper down eyes wide and said, "here what i'm going to put inside"
by Anonymous May 01, 2003