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1. A severe yeast or other type of vaginal infection often resulting in excessive amounts of vaginal discharge.

2. Offensive slang term for cancer of the cervix, uterus, or other part of the female reproductive system.
1. Damn! That girl had such a bad case of box rot it made me want to puke.

2. Did you hear about Cindy? She died of box rot last week.
by Funmunke January 06, 2010
1. A horrifying mass consisting of old seman, blood, and solidified vaginal secretions expelled from the vagina while douching.

2. Someone who is offensive to the rest of humanity that other descriptions such as douche, asshole, and prick don't begin to justly describe the person.
1. I haden't douched in months. When I finally did a large douche chunk flew out!

2. Billy drank all my beer, ate all my food and hit on my girlfriend. He is such a douche chunk!
by Funmunke January 13, 2010
(n) A sexual act performed by lesbians. Two lesbians lock legs so their gentials are touching and then rock their hips so their clits rub against each other.
My sister is a total dyke. She loves to box grind with her girlfriend.
by Funmunke January 07, 2010
Crude term for a female whose genitals are tight, not streached out or ruined from child birth or execisive fornicating.

Term is based on the idea that you can't get more than three fingers into a tight girls snatch.
Damn! I slept with Erica last night. She was three finger good!
by Funmunke January 28, 2010
When attempting to fart in someones face with your pants down and accidently blow feces onto their face.
I tried to fart in Jenny's face last night but ended up giving her a fudge facial!
by Funmunke January 06, 2010
1. (n) A slang term for a lesbian.

2. (n) A woman who likes to box grind.
1. I tried to hook up with Erica last night. She totally blew me off. She must be a box grinder.

2. I slept with Cassie last night. She is the best box grinder ever!
by Funmunke January 07, 2010
1 - (n) A woman who is so hot she causes men to develop an erection so hard it tears right through the front of their pants often blowing out the zipper in the process.

2 - (n) An erection that tears through the front of your pants.
1- Did you see the hot girl in the Fiat Superbowl commercial?!? She is a total zipper ripper.

2 - When Stacy took her clothes off last night I was so turned on I developed a zipper ripper.
by Funmunke February 15, 2012

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