Two meanings:

1. To be a persistent and continuously ban dodge, while making it painfully obvious.

2. To be considerably obnoxious; without being a troll.
User: holy fuck you zeeling. We know it's you, spelling your name backwards is not clever.
Leez: wut r u tlking abut??
by zeekboy December 01, 2009
To act in a way to bring thoughts of Zeel to mind. Said person may thus be considered an idiot, douche, mongrel, fucktard, retard, and or many other terms.

Also modifications of the term to satisfy any forum username to express similar feelings towards a person.
"God, did you see that newbie? He's so zeeling the forums! Damnit he's like a Zeel clone!"
by flamedance58 November 30, 2009

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