acne on your butt.
I saw Raul in the shower yesterday...he's got mad zats.
by Zily Limmerman December 12, 2007
Top Definition
An energy weapon used on the TV show Stargate SG1. It resembles a cobra ansd fires a lightning bolt. One hit from a zat will stun you. Another shortly after will kill. One more and you're vaporized.
Leave the guns in the armory, guys, I've got some zats right here.
by tesformes April 29, 2004
the way foreigners pronounce the word "that"
"vut iz zat?" (what is that?)
by Bojay Blues October 11, 2008
dutch slang in belgium meaning drunk
ik ben zat moat = im drunk mate
by Boeckx August 23, 2006
short for "is that"
I wanna go out tonight. Zat coo?
by re July 01, 2003
the sound Link makes in Super Smash Bros. Also an expression of dominance when ramming someone in the ass at video games.
Oh get owned bitch! ZAT, ZAT!
by jankify834 April 24, 2010
Someone you don't really have anything against, but you hit for the fun of it anyway.
Wow, he smacked her around like a Zat
by Majestic February 17, 2003
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