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same as aight, okay, that's cool, etc.
That's ite, I'll catch ya later.
by re July 01, 2003
A fast and fun way to call someone a slut, bitch, and ho, all in one.
Damn...my ex is a slutbitchho for leaving me!
by re July 01, 2003
short for "is that"
I wanna go out tonight. Zat coo?
by re July 01, 2003
Twilight of the gods in Norse mythology.
The Ragnorak is where the Aesir battle against the Vanir and humanity is destroyed as a side effect.
by RE June 11, 2003
A loser completely void of attention in the real world that he/she needs to be as obscene as possible on the internet to fill their desire for attention.
oh, no. not another troll making racist and homophobic posts. he probably will never get laid.
by RE January 04, 2004
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