To walk noticably faster than the rest of the pack, often in an uptight manner.
Simon's second period class was all the way across campus, so he could often be seen zapping through the hallways between classes.
by Preiss Buckner June 30, 2006
The sound of two human males having sexual intercourse.
*sticked in the pooper*
zap zap zap zap zap zap
by Anonymouswop July 08, 2009
To hold your hand out flat with all the fingers together and extend your arm to poke a ticklish person in the side of their stomach.

Called zap because the more ticklish they are, the more it makes them jump like they were zapped with electricity.
Don't zap me, I might fall over and hurt my head!

We zapped Jake so much he peed his pants!
by Bloopy July 07, 2006
The sound made when one executes a traitor. When doing so, gesture with your hand as if using a pistol. Usually done in groups. Being a traitor is highly variable, depending solely on the mood and whatever action is performed. Jocular in usage.

(Referencing PARANOIA XP)
Clone: Dude, that's so dumb.

You: What? TRAITOR! ZAP!
by Citron-R-PNL July 11, 2005
An abbreviated form of describing the years of the 21st century.
"I haven't been to the dentist since summer Zap 2."
"We're getting married in Vegas in July of Zap 5."
by Martin Zager September 09, 2003
Zermatt After party. A gathering of men and women between the age of 18-35 who don't like going to sleep until the sun comes up. It all began long ago during a cold night in the year 2010, the idea was to give people a warm place with lots love & bass. But the thing grew a mind of its own, its own identity. it had no name at first... one night while we were hanging out by the furry wall and we heard quite whispers of ZAP... ZAP...ZAP emulating from the fur. No one knows how but since that night events have been appearing on facebook called ZAP and has been sending out its own invites.
"Did you see that guy sleeping on the lawn at ZAP last night?"
"I'll see you at ZAP tonight, We'll go ZEN?"

-Where are you?

-By the furry wall,you?
-Emulating in the basement.

-I'll see you in zen room in 5
by Zermatt June 20, 2011
little hits when smokin
man that was no hit, that was a zap
by losnynes March 26, 2007

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