To lose your mind, possibly temporarily, most likely forever. Shell Shocked. Dazed and Confused. Delusional.
From Apocalypse Now: "Mr Clean was from some South Bronx shithole... and I think the light and the space of Vietnam... really put the zap on his head."
by Dynomike54 November 20, 2009
Zayn Ate Penis
Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson from One Direction tweeted #zap. That's an acronym for "Zayn Ate Penis"

penis jokes bye
by NarniaNeeds1D April 08, 2012
Acronym which stands for "Zombie - Apocalypse - Plan"
"I know that this might seem far-fetched but we should definitely make a ZAP!"

"It's time...the ZAP is in effect as of 0900 hours...God Speed"
by Restel_Ladiv January 16, 2012
Zombie Apocalypse Plan. Everyone should have one.
Guy1: Hey have you been thinking about your Z.A.P.?

Guy2: Hell yeah, I have already started preparing
by Zombie_Eater April 24, 2012
A game played by people aged teen to adult.
It is played by someone writing ZAP and a time on the back of an individual's hand, then someone's name on the inside.
If the person who has been ZAPPED looks at the name on the inside of their hand before the time written, they have to ask that person out.
Another way to play is to write ZAP and a time on the back of someone's hand and on the inside write a dare. If they look at the dare before the time specified, they have to carry out the dare.
Typically, the person ZAPPED will look at the name or dare, but not carry it out.
"Hey, I just ZAPPED Lucy with Max! I hope she looks at it, they'd be so cute together!"

"Dammit, Callie just ZAPPED me with Matthew. Now I have to ask him out."
by Lukie In The Sky October 21, 2009
A game played mostly by young adults where they write ZAP on the front of a friends hand, flip it over and write "I love ____" on the palm. Then, when a person says "ZAP" or the person's name, they have to say what the other persopn said out loud.
Sally when she see's ZAP written on Susies hand: Susie!
Susie reads from her hand: I love Tim.

by loudandproud924 March 12, 2008
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