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a secret organization that hides and lives in the walls of schools watching a recructing new members for their porn society. Z-za A-asome P-porn
(its a german society run by brad dickson other wise known as Broad Dick)
Be careful--they're watching you
by Sally, polly, and Y March 31, 2004
Somthing You Write On Somones Hand Then a time and in the palm they put a dare and if the person looks at it b 4 the time writen they have to do it.... pretty gay i know
Leezanne Wrote Bite Brandis hair on brandons hand and the moron looked at it so the end resalt Brandon with hair in his mouth and a hand mark on his face:P
by Leezanne March 18, 2005
to snort a line of blow
by ar52 September 09, 2003
a word used by skater kids to define when they think a person is gay. They will often tell the "gay-ee" that they want to write zap on their arm has a right of passage into their 'group'. However, once other skater kids sees the ZAP written on the arm, they are rude to the kid.
Dave was a nice non-gay young man, but Andy thought to himself "Man, that guy is one nasty fag!" and Andy tricked Dave into letting Andy write ZAP on his forearm. Then Dave was teased.
by Kevin February 09, 2005
It's me. xD
What's your name? Zap. Friends call me Zapperz.
by Zap January 15, 2004
to beat someone's ass to within an inch of their life.
Dat nigga Steve was talkin shit. Im finna zap dat nigga if I see him.
by L March 28, 2005