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This species has been thriving of late. A prime habitat in Sydney Australia - the notoriously sleazly Oxford Street - may even be the heart of the nasty nest.

Lowly forms can be spotted hungrily eyeing the crotchs of males under the age of 16. Conversely, the predominant sub-species can be found eyeing the prospective bank account of a well dressed man over 25 - this type frequently sports high arching eyebrows, tandoori fake tans, leopard print attire, hairless arms and chest and a booty ready to work it for some $$$.

To watch said subjects perform mating rituals: visit the StoneWall Hotel, Midnight Shift, or ARQ, all on Oxford.
Nasty Fag A: Chop chop girls! Get your freak on!

Nasty Fag B: oooh just let me rip a few more inches off my midrift top

Nasty Fag C: That looks amazing! Now everyone can see your belly button ring

Nasty Fag B: And doesn't this colour blush work fabu-wonders for my cheekbones?

Nasty Fag C: Watch out Kate Moss, you've got some competition girl! *pouts and pushes ass out suggestively*
by dredasilva May 13, 2007

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