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Avoiding doing any actual work while at work. Generally what the person does instead of work is take naps, waking only to smoke cigarettes.
John: Hey Ray, are you and your partner going to get that job done?
Ray: I don't know, he says we should wait for a new lineup.
John: He's just zamboning you.
by The double eagle May 23, 2013
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Traditional done while sex on the ice moving from one side to other. Although, can be done on smooth while very sweaty.
I took my girlfriend zamboning last night and now I have freezer burn on my ass.
by Trent Cole December 07, 2007
3 2
When a man rubs his penis on a woman's clitoris without entering the vagina. Thus giving the vagina a glossy shine from stimulation similar to that of an ice-rink after being driven over by a zamboni.
-"Hey gurl I wanna launch my puck in the back of "dis" net, but we "gotta" get down to zamboning first."
by jolomonomo1 March 02, 2014
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