A gay way to spell Zach
Hi, my name is Zak

Don't you mean Zach?


That's gay.
by Zak hater April 09, 2012
Zak is a jerk that only wants sex from you. If he says he loves you he does not mean it. He lies constantly as if it were for his own health. Please do not trust him. He will only hurt you and make your life a living hell.
Zak is a player.
by LadyLove88 September 25, 2011
1)One who is always saying jokes at the wrong time.
2) one who is owned by his world history teacher on a daily basis.

1)Whoah, did you hear that joke that Zak told? it was so stupid!

2) Wow did you hear about that Zak kid? I hear he got owned by his history teacher today!
by K4NY3 April 10, 2009
1. The Lizard King of this generation. Many believe that the soul of Jim Morrison was flying around, as a child is like a flower with its head floating in the breeze, and he jumped into Zak's brain.. and he's still in there.
2. Loves his girl, Jamie. Also known as Queen of the Highway. They'll be together forever. They're Cosmic Mates.
"I am the Lizard King, I can do anything!"
*Zak shouts from the top of his car*
by Pamela Courson August 20, 2008
A Dutch word, meaning 'bag', 'balls' and 'idiot'.
He's a real bag! > Hij is een echte zak!

I've got an itchy bag. > Ik heb jeuk aan m'n zak.
by welovetrash November 10, 2007
1. To lie outright, compulsively.

2. To mess up really bad.
1. Are you Zaking me?

2. Oh shit, I just pulled a Zak.
by Maitreya August 23, 2006
1. To search for romance exclusively on the Internet.
I'm gonna go Zak me a date.
by RedScull April 25, 2007

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