The hottest guy in the world!! He is perfect. Just an all around magnificent man. I cant help, but to smile when he looks at me with his amazing eyes. He looks straight through me. I LOVE HIM!!!!
Zak is so hot!
by chelsea14323 April 05, 2011
The most incomprehensibley zealous, amazing, lovable, ravishing, awesome, beast, legendary, legit, amiable, perfect, ravishing, fetching, and brilliant person you will EVER meet!
Zak is so awesome! I love him more than anything ever!
by Tarasayshi April 28, 2013
A boy with a perfect heart and a wonderful soul. He's all smiles and laughter, and his ability to make you smile is unbelievable. Sarcasm is his primary language. Extraordinarily handsome. He knows exactly what to say when one is having a bad day. He loves with his entire heart.
I just got back from visiting Zak! He had me laughing and smiling the entire time.
by Madclaire April 25, 2012
A monster. Someone who has no emotions. One that simply does not care about anyone, not even himself. I know this for this is my personality and I am Zak. One who is distant, one who hates stupid people, one who is good at pretending to be a nice people person but deep down is dead on the inside. If only people knew how he really felt than they would leave him the fuck alone.
I am Zak.
by ZaktheBeast January 01, 2012
A nickname for Zachary, "Zak" is just as correct as "Zach, Zack, or Zac".
Is often annoyed when one spells his nickname as one of the three other variations.
Billy - Hey, how'd they spell your name on your coffee this time? *snicker*
Zak - Z A C K. God damn it.
by Boxmaker April 11, 2015
Someone who is a theatre major and has music as his minor. He's very funny, sweet, and has dark brown curly hair. He's lazy but active when he wants to be. He's like any other guy but has something that sets him apart. He's always honest when it matters but tells white lies, like telling a girl she looked beautiful in the dress when she truelly had him scared but laughing. He's loud and doesn't give too much hints when he's nervous.
Oh Zak is so cute! To bad he's all Jasmine's. If I was her, I would be jealous about him working back stage in theatre, where he has to help all those girls undress. Then again, Zak is too cute to cheat on his girl....maybe I should join theatre.
by beauty_and_a_freak_in_bed June 16, 2010
a guy who steezes 4 no reason
man that zak guy must have a huge dick
by javier lilley April 03, 2011
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