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This is from the Yiddish, it means ditz, clutz, dumkoft, ninny, nincompoop, socially incompetant boob, twit, dumbass.
Example? I gotta provide a sample?? Sheesh!! Use it like any of those word up there!!! What yutz thought up this stupid requirement!?!?!
by David December 04, 2003
someone who is either unaware of the situation, or is uneducated, and does stupid things.
After the kid spoke out of turn in class, the professor called him a yutz.
#dufus #idiot #stupid #uneducated #notsmart
by Doc S January 21, 2010
An individual that is dumb beyond comprehension. One who displays, or exhibits, idiotic behavior. Someone who makes a habit out of missing the point. The opposite of what some might call a "forward thinking".
I asked him to put a quarter in the parking meter, and he put it in the one for the car behind mine. What a fucking yutz!
#idiot #dunce #numbskull #retard #jerkoff #stupid #carmine #nick #sad kyle
by soyeahlike February 04, 2015
krusty the clowns version of Putz, you yutz
" its a towel you yutz"
by joey shithead August 19, 2003
The thick goo of product that clogs the pump or dispensing cap of containers.
I had to dig the yutz out of my hair conditioner squirt cap before I could get more out.
#smegma #plug #clog #clot #blob
by C.Joan June 04, 2007
Yutz is an expression used to express anger or frustration when something does not go the right way.

It can also be used as a noun meaning a problem.
"YUTZ!" Jimmy yelled after he spilled spaghetti all over his white shirt.

There was a big yutz when frank hit the referee in the face after his horrible call.
#excited #problem #mishap #happy #yuts
by Monkeyboy31 September 28, 2009
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